image “Bassist Tal Wilkenfeld moves into the spotlight” February 25, 2016

“Bassist Tal Wilkenfeld moves into the spotlight”

DETROIT (WJRT) – (02/25/2016) “I definitely got the butterflies in my stomach,” Tal Wilkenfeld says. “But I’m just as excited as I am nervous, so I’m not sure if the butterflies or more excited or nervous.”
And Wilkenfeld has good reason to be excited and nervous, as she gets ready for her first solo tour of the United States, kicking it off Saturday at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit opening for The Who.
“It’s sort of like the greatest feeling in the world to know that I’m going up there and playing these songs that I’ve been working on for years. And people get to hear what my soul wants to express.”
The 29 year old bassist is best known for her work over the last decade with guitar legend Jeff Beck, but now she’s fronting her own band, and even singing and playing some guitar along with bass. And she says she can’t wait to show off more of her talents.
“Definitely, I’m looking forward to surprising myself too, cause I know that’s gonna happen.”
The Australian born Wilkenfeld has come a long way since she moved to the US as a teenager to pursue a career in music. And she says even after all the success she’s had so far, getting the chance to make her own music has been a very meaningful experience.
“I’m certainly blessed, I feel honored, I feel excited, I feel like I have a responsibility to follow through on being given these opportunities.”